Church Planting

The VCN church planter training course is a four-month intensive with over 40 different instructors and senior pastors, where we instill vertical DNA, sharpen preaching, strengthen leadership, and teach you how to successfully launch a church.


We train church planters to become Senior Pastors of Vertical churches. The VCN church planter training seeks to build on studies provided in seminary by focusing on practical training that leads to establishing, strengthening, and multiplying Vertical churches globally. Our training consists of both online video-based modular sessions, as well as in-person training, where men selected as VCN planters are expected to demonstrate competencies while working through our curriculum. Our faculty/teachers are front-line ministry practitioners who are immersed in the day to day of pastoral leadership.


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*Through our partnership with Harvest Rolling Meadows, VCN has access to training and resourcing for USA churches through the Southern Baptist Convention.

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